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English - When the Sky Falls

Our English text for Autumn 1 and 2 is 'When the Sky Falls' by Phil Earle. 


"It's 1941 during the Second World War. While everyone else seems to be evacuated to the countryside, 12-year-old Joseph is sent from rural Yorkshire to stay with his gran's friend, Mrs F, in the city. She's a gruff, unfriendly woman and he's an angry boy who kicks out at everything and feels totally abandoned."


We will be using this text as a stimulus for a variety of outcomes. Year 6 pupils will be writing an emergency radio broadcast, a conversation between two characters in an air-raid shelter and a newspaper article. We will be looking at a variety of skills, such as using subordinate clauses, writing expanded noun phrases to add more detail, and using different types of parenthesis to add more information to our sentences. Have a look at the "Teacher Assessment Framework" below to see what skills your child needs to know by the end of Year 6.