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Rood End Primary School

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101 Experiences


Here are 101 things to learn and experience by the time you leave Rood End Primary...


1. Jump in puddles

2. Have a picnic

3. Pet an animal

4. Build a sandcastle

5. Visit Father Christmas

6. Paint a picture

7. Make a natural collage

8. Paddle in the sea

9. Share a game

10. Sing and perform nursery rhymes

11. Explore shadows

12. Break an egg whilst cooking

13. Blow bubbles

14. Grow a plant

15. Bake something delicious

16. Do a treasure hunt

17. Make bread

18. Make a puppet

19. Have a tea party

20. Take a boat trip

21. Visit the zoo or safari park

22. Visit an airport

23. Learn to skip

24. Go pond dipping

25. Read a map

26. Cook a healthy meal

27. Build a shelter

28. Learn to swim

29. Learn a new language

30. Recall all times tables facts to X12

31. Ride a bike

32. Walk in the dark

33. Climb a tree

34. Walk a mile

35. Write a book review

36. Give a speech

37. Draw or paint a landscape

38. Draw a portrait

39. Make a video animation

40. Sew a button 

41. Look at the stars

42. Manage a budget

43. Read a novel

44. Cook and sing around a camp fire

45. Try food from a different culture

46. Experience time away from home

47. Visit a museum

48. Safely communicate with another country

49. Design a video game

50. Visit another school

51. Debate a contentious issue

52. Present a product or idea

53. Conduct a survey

54. Acquire basic First Aid skills

55. Visit a theme park

56. Keep a diary

57. Ride a toboggan or sledge

58. Learn a dance routine

59. Know your address and telephone number

60. Go to a restaurant

61. Make a bed

62. Pitch a tent

63. Visit London

64. Visit a theatre

65. Play an instrument

66. Learn a poem by heart

67. Fly a kite

68. Walk in the countryside

69. Perform on stage

70. Wear something you have made

71. Create your own book

72. Tie your shoe laces

73. Tell the time

74. Inflate a balloon

75. Raise money for charity

76. Build a snowman

77. Learn how to be safe online

78. Build a 3-D model

79. Make a clay sculpture

80. Travel by train

81. Sing or perform for the community

82. Watch a sports match

83. Use an ipad

84. Buy things from a shop

85. Participate in an election

86. Go to the City Centre

87. Celebrate festivals

88. Be praised for an achievement

89. Be part of a sports team

90. Work collaboratively

91. Visit places of worship

92. Make a good friend

93. Take part in a quiz

94. Create a picture using a computer program

95. Record memories using photographs

96. Trip to a cinema

97. Play in the park

98. Talk with people within the community

99. Perform a talent

100. Perform Karaoke 

101. Travel by bus and plan your journey