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Rood End Primary School

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Physical Development

  • Develop manipulation and control.
  •  Explore different materials and tools.
  • Use large and small motor skills to do things independently, for example manage buttons and zips, and pour drinks.
  • Start eating independently and learning how to use a knife and fork.
  • Continue to develop their movement, balancing, riding (scooters, trikes and bikes) and ball skills.
  • Go up steps and stairs, or climb up apparatus, using alternate feet.
  • Skip, hop, stand on one leg and hold a pose for a game like musical statues.
  •  Use large-muscle movements to wave flags and streamers, paint and make marks.
  • Match their developing physical skills to tasks and activities in the setting. For example, they decide whether to crawl, walk or run across a plank, depending on its length and width.
  • Increasingly be able to use and remember sequences and patterns of movements which are related to music and rhythm.
  • Start taking part in some group activities which they make up for themselves, or in teams