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Rood End Primary School

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Welcome to Nursery 2021-22!smiley


Nursery staff this year are:

Mrs Wright

Mrs Mirea (other languages- Romanian)

Mrs Singh (other languages - Punjabi)


Nursery hours are:

Monday 8.30-3pm (please collect from the bottom of the Nursery ramp)

Tuesday 8.30-3pm (please collect from the bottom of the Nursery ramp)

Wednesday 8.30-11.30am (please collect from the small gate on the Key Stage 1 playground)


School dinners cost £2.40 per day.

Alternatively, children may bring a packed lunch. Please remember:

  • no nuts / nut products
  • cut up grapes and tomatoes




Summer Curriculum 


Communication and Language 

  • Engage in role-play
  • Continue to use a range of new vocabulary 
  • Share opinions



  • Talk about how to stay healthy (food, teeth, exercise)
  • Continue to talk about feelings 



  • Continue to develop fine motor skills (using scissors, tweezers, small tools)
  • Continue to develop gross motor skills (hopping, skipping, balancing)



  • Listen to rhyme, alliteration and initial sounds in words, rhymes and stories



  • Explore and compare weight, capacity and length
  • Continue to count up to and represent numbers to 5 


Understanding the World 

  • Explore melting, floating and sinking and shadows 


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Make meaningful marks 
  • Explore colour and colour mixing
  • Sing songs and rhymes with friends 



Nursery World Book Day - Bedtime Stories 


The children enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas for our World Book Day celebration. Children have carried out lots of activities linked to Jack and the Beanstalk throughout the week and have talked about their favourite stories. We brought our favourite teddy bears in to cuddle during our story and even had a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit!

World Book Day - Bedtime Stories

Spring Term Home Learning

Autumn Term


During the first half term, Nursery will be focusing on separating from parents and carers with confidence, following class routines, making friends and sharing resources, and eating lunch in the canteen with some independence. 


We will also have a wide range of activities available each day to promote and support learning from other areas of the new Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. These will include singing and dancing, reading and telling stories, marking making, role play, water and sand play, investigation and construction, and lots of outdoor physical play. 


Home learning 


To support your child's learning and development at home:

  • Encourage them to put on their coats and shoes by themselves (helping where necessary)
  • Talk about their day with them when they get home - what did they play with? What did they have for lunch?
  • Read stories together and talk about the pictures 
  • Encourage children to sit at a chair to eat and use a knife and fork correctly
  • Give children simple instructions to follow, eg. 'Put your cars away in the box'
  • Practise hand washing 
  • Practise pulling clothes up and down independently when using the toilet 


 Activities to try at home:

  • Sing Nursery Rhymes and familiar songs - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Wheels on the Bus are two of our favourites!
  • Look at books together - talk about the pictures and make predictions about what might happen on the next page.
  • Count everyday objects around you - how many spoons are in the drawer? How many cars can you see outside? 
  • Sock matching. Separate a few pairs of socks- can your child match them back up again by noticing colours and patterns? 
  • Water play - use cups, spoons and other kitchen utensils in the sink. Talk about which containers hold the most or least.
  • Play in the garden or at the local park - climb, run, skip, balance!
  • Messy play - mix cornflour and water to make gloop. What does it feel like? 
  • Mark-making - use crayons, pens, pencils, paint, chalk and water to draw, colour and write.


Other ongoing skills to practise:

  • Putting on and taking off coats independently - practise doing up zips and buttons. Also practise pulling the sleeves through if they are inside out!
  • Continue to encourage independent handwashing 
  • Practise climbing up and down steps, using alternate feet
  • For children in pull-ups and nappies - continue to encourage toilet training. Give children time in pants to encourage them to use the toilet. Lots of praise and stickers can help with this!


Most importantly - have fun! The most important thing you can do to support your child's development is spending time with them and talking to them!