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At Rood End Primary, we want children to leave school being confident mathematicians. We prepare them for their next stage of learning, in secondary school, and ensure they have a secure mathematical understanding to assist them in their chosen careers, as well as in their daily lives.  We want them to be ambitious as they grow up and aspire to be engineers, optometrists and astronomers. To successfully deliver a curriculum with a clear progression of skills, we follow the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for mathematics.  Staff will meet the needs of all pupils and address any gaps in knowledge.  Children will be taught fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills and to apply these skills in a variety of ways.




  • Mathematics is taught daily throughout the school
  • White Rose, Big Maths, Abacus, Power Maths, NCETM schemes are all used to support the planning and teaching of maths
  • The teaching of mathematics builds progressively on the skills taught in previous year groups
  • Staff use a pre-learning test to establish which pupils may need extra support and which pupils can begin to develop depth and mastery
  • Post-learning tests are used to show progression of skills and inform assessment
  • Last term, topic, teach multiple choice questions are used to aid retention of learning
  • Times Table Rock Stars is used to enthuse the children in learning times tables
  • Learning is differentiated to meet the needs of the children within the class whilst still providing most children with the opportunity to achieve the learning intentions to meet the expectations of their year group
  • Interventions are put in place, such as Precision Teaching or Sandwell Numeracy Intervention, to support children where necessary
  • Clear success criteria are given to children, so they understand the steps involved in becoming successful in their learning
  • Opportunities to collaborate in pairs or small groups are given regularly so children can learn from and support each other
  • Quality first teaching is provided throughout the school along with effective teacher modelling
  • Mathematics 'working walls' are in each classroom to provide key information and vocabulary with modelled examples to support learning
  • Fluent in Five is used daily to aid retention and fluency of taught concepts
  • The CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach will be used, following the school’s Calculation Policy



Number fluency is continually developed within early years.  Children participate in short maths sessions daily and are given time to explore mathematical concepts, test ideas, develop their understanding and practise taught skills through play. Maths can be found in all areas of our provision and children experience it in a purposeful and meaningful context within their play and daily routines.




Children at Rood End will be enthusiastic and confident mathematical learners.  They will gain an understanding of the importance of mathematics in everyday life. Children will make good progress relative to their starting points and be prepared for their futures in and outside of education.  They will leave school at least the expected standard for their age and feel confident using and applying their mathematical skills to pursue future goals, ambitions and careers.