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The King's Coronation 2023

Rood End Staff Bake Off!

Ms Hadley and Mrs Browne arranged a 'Bake Off' for staff to show off their baking skills and raise some money for charity.  The Junior Leadership Team then voted on which cakes they thought were the best.  Have a look at the cakes below.


Reception have created crowns and have been outside to enjoy ice pops in the sunshine!

Year 1

Year 1 have had a lovely arty day! Have a look at their fabulous creations!

Year 2

Have a look at the flags that Year 2 have made today.  They worked hard on being accurate and keeping in the lines.

Year 3 - Art

Year 3 created Andy Warhole - Style artwork of King Charles III. Look at their amazing portraits!

Year 4  - Coronation Art

Year 4 looked at some artwork that had been created for the  Queen's Jubilee and are replicating it for the Coronation of Charles III.

Year 5 - Art

Year 5 have been creating a large picture for display in school.  Children have been colouring in different sections which will join together to make a huge picture!

They have also been decorating crowns, some in the style of Friedenscriech Hundertwasser, the Austrian Painter.

Year 6 - Decorating Biscuits

Year 6 decorated biscuits using the colour of the Union flag, red white and blue.  It was great fun!