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From left to right on the back row is Miss Deboo, Mrs Mackinnon, Miss McKenna, Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Browne, Mrs Munir, and on the front row we have Mrs Brookes and Mrs Mirea.



Hello Reception

Last day at home today, then back to school on Friday. 

We have set new reading and maths lessons on Reading Eggs.

The link for the final activity about the story of Goldilocks is below. Now it is time make your own end to the story.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, when we can do lots of fun activities at school. 

Bye until tomorrow.

Reception staff




Hello everyone!


More tasks have been added for you on reading eggs for maths and literacy. You can also access the link to the next lesson on 'Goldilocks and the three bears' here.

You can carry on creating your own story!


See you all Friday!


Reception staff (14.10.20)


Hello Reception

Hope you are all doing well at home.

There are new assignments on Reading Eggs, maths and literacy.

Also there is the next lesson about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears on the following link.

In this lesson you have to make up your own story about Goldilocks. Perhaps you could get someone to help you think up some ideas. Then you can tell them your story. You might want to draw a picture of your story too.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday, when we come back to school. In the meantime you can practice singing some of the Nursery Rhymes and songs we sing in Reception. 


Reception staff





Hello Reception!


I hope you are all staying safe at home. We look forward to being able to see you again on Friday 16th October! We have added some new assignments on reading eggs for you to try.


Here is lesson 6 for 'Goldilocks and the three bears'. Its a little tricky, so you may want your parents/carers to help you!


Keep practicing copying your name and learning to recognise it. When you come back, we will be celebrating all things Halloween! Maybe you could draw a spooky character! 


Reception staff (12.10.20)

  Hello Reception.


There are maths and reading tasks for you to do on Reading Eggs.

Here is the link to the next lesson, number 5, about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

 Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.


Reception Staff




Hello everyone!

We hope you are all staying safe. We have set some more assignments for reading and maths on reading eggs. 

Here is the link to the 4th lesson on 'Goldilocks and the three bears'.


Reception staff (8.10.20)


  Hello Reception.

These are your activities today.

 The link below is for lesson 3 about Goldilocks and the Three Bears lesson 3

You could draw a picture to go with the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. You might like to draw Goldilocks, the Bear's house or even the 3 Bears. You choose!


There are new maths and reading tasks on Reading Eggs for you to try.

Reception staff         7.10.20






    Hi Reception,

Whilst you are at home, please log on to Reading Eggs where we have set you reading and        maths assignments.

We will be setting new assignments every day, so keep practising.

Continue to practise copying your name and numbers 0 to 10. 

There will be a home learning pack at school for you to collect once you have received a text message.


Please use this link to listen to the story 'Goldilocks and the three bears'. We will put a new lesson for this story every day.


We will miss you. Stay safe and we will see you soon.

Reception staff




Hello everyone!


We have set you some new assignments on reading eggs for reading and maths! Good luck! 


You can also see the second lesson for 'goldilocks and the three bears' here.


Reception staff (6.10.20)

Welcome to our new Reception classes!


In RE, the class teacher is Mrs Mackinnon with Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Munir. In RR, the class teacher is Miss Deboo with Miss McKenna and Mrs Brookes. We also have a HLTA called Mrs Browne and extra support from Mrs Mirea and Miss Hadley. We will soon have Miss Jamil with us too.


One of our favourite songs that we use at school to practice our letter and sounds smiley


Below are links to some activities that you could try at home. 

We will be learning lots of sounds in our phonics lessons!

Here are some useful Youtube videos to practise phonics at home.


Phase 2 sounds:


Phase 3 sounds:


Phase 2 Tricky words song:


Phase 3 Tricky words song:


Phonics blending song: