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From left to right on the back row is Miss Deboo, Mrs Mackinnon, Miss McKenna, Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Browne, Mrs Munir, and on the front row we have Mrs Brookes and Mrs Mirea.



January 2021 home learning

Hello everyone,

We would just like to thank you for you continued support throughout this very challenging time and we hope you and your families are staying safe. To support your children whilst we are in lockdown, we will be setting online tasks on reading eggs and maths seeds everyday. We will also have some lessons from oak academy and the links to those will be posted on here. Below, there are many links to some great resources for your children including links to songs to help practice their phonics and some songs we like to sing when they are in school so please use those as well. It is very important you engage with as much of the material as possible so thank you for doing this in advance. Stay safe, Reception staff.

Week 8

Its is finally our last week of home learning before we welcome you all back to school! I know it has been tough for us all over the last few weeks but you have been working hard so well done. Please complete this weeks reading eggs and maths seeds tasks. We will also be doing one last story this week called 'The Emperor's new clothes' where you will get to role play as a character and sing the story as well do some drawings.


Monday 1st March

The link to our story is here: Today you will be listening and responding to the story.


Tuesday 2nd March

Today you will step and speak the story:


Wednesday 3rd March

Today you will be practicing the dramatic arts and acting and singing some of your story. I really hope you enjoy this lesson:


Thursday 4th March

In todays lesson you will have the chance to role play as one of the characters and write a speech bubble:


Friday 5th March

Our last lesson on our story today which is where we get to draw one of the characters and write some things about the character you have chosen to draw:

One of our favourite songs that we use at school to practice our letter and sounds smiley


Below are links to some activities that you could try at home. 

We will be learning lots of sounds in our phonics lessons!

Here are some useful Youtube videos to practise phonics at home.


Phase 2 sounds:


Phase 3 sounds:


Phase 2 Tricky words song:


Phase 3 Tricky words song:


Phonics blending song:

Week 1

Our theme this term is amazing animals. Whats your favourite animal? Can you draw a picture? Why is it your favourite animal?

Wednesday 6th January

New tasks are set on reading eggs and maths seeds to practice some of our phase 2 sounds and recognising some different numbers.

Oak academy link to our first lesson on 'the three billy goats gruff' is here:


Thursday 7th January

Today you will be learning some different sounds and looking at recognising some different numbers. You will also learn about some 2d shapes.

The link to our second lesson on our story is here:


Friday 8th January

Today you will be learning some more sounds and working out how to spell some CVC words like cat. You will also be doing some more work on your shapes and some of you might be working on recognising your colours.

The link to the third lesson on our story is here:

Week 2

As part of our topic, I will be including some lessons related to habitats so please try and do these at home. Please use the links below to practice your letters and sounds. A favourite of mine is the tricky word song. There are also files that you can print off at home (if available) that you can try.

Monday 11th January

Today you will be learning more about the letter 't' and you can also practice your colours and recognising some numbers. This can all be found on reading eggs. Here is the link to the next lesson on our story 'the three billy goats gruff'.

Habitat lesson:


Tuesday 12th January

Today, you will be practicing the word 'at'. This is a fun interactive lesson so I hope you enjoy this! We also have a lesson on practicing our numbers 1-5, and learning a new shape. Our next lesson on our story is here: This is where you can practice telling the story yourself so you may need an adult to help with this. 

Habitat lesson:


Wednesday 13th January

We have lots of practice on some different numbers and we can practice the letter 'b'. This was a letter that kept confusing us so its great to practice this one a little more. Our story continues here:

Habitat lesson:


Thursday 14th January

Today we will practice some more of our sounds on reading eggs and we will learn a little more about big things and small things. Use this link for our story:

Habitat lesson:


Friday 15th January

Today we are learning some higher numbers and a new shape on reading eggs. Our story lesson:

Habitat lesson:


Music with Mr Shepherd

Week 3

Hi everyone! It was so lovely to speak to you all last week and see how you are all doing. I know it is very challenging adjusting to working at home but you are all doing a great job and it was great to see that you are managing to do some work. Please continue to use the resources and videos below whilst at home. Everyday we will have a new lesson for our theme and a new lesson on a story. Stay safe

Monday 18th January

Today we will be looking at how to order numbers and looking at the word 'a'. We also have another lesson for our story 'the three billy goats gruff' and another lesson on habitats.

The link for our story lesson is here:

Habitats lesson:


Tuesday 19th January

Today we will have our last lesson on our story before starting a new story tomorrow. Today we will be practicing everything we have been learning so far.

Story lesson:

We also have an activity where we can discover more about rainforests and what they are!


Wednesday 20th January

Today we have some challenging activities where we will learn how to count backwards from 10 and learn a new sound. Our new story today is 'the lucky duck' so i hope you enjoy this as it is a lovely story:

Rainforests lesson:


Thursday 21st January

Good luck today with our maths, we will be practicing some addition and some 2d shapes on reading eggs.

'The lucky duck' lesson 2:


Music with Mr Shepherd


Friday 22nd January

On reading eggs today we will be learning a new sound and looking at a number line.

The lucky duck lesson:

We will be looking at the polar habitat today. Where is that?



Week 4

Hi everyone, I hope you are all staying safe at home. Mr Shephard has sent me a link to a very special music lesson just for reception children at rood end which you can find here: Please continue to use reading eggs and maths seeds. This week we will be learning new sounds and doing some more addition and learning some 3D shapes.

Monday 25th January

We will be continuing our story 'The lucky duck' here: This is where you will start to draw the characters and describe them. We will also be learning more about polar habitats here:


Tuesday 26th January

The lucky duck lesson can be found here: Today you will becoming a character and thinking about what they might say.

Our last polar habitat lesson is here:


Wednesday 27th January

The lucky duck lesson can be found here: You can think about recycling the story today, thinking about the little ducks problem. Today we will be learning a little more about climate change and what it is


Thursday 28th January

The lucky duck lesson can be found here: Today you can start writing your story. Our climate change lesson is here:


Friday 29th January

The lucky duck lesson can be found here: Today you will finish writing your story. Our last lesson on climate change is here and this is where you can find out all the things you can do at home to help climate change:

Week 5

We have another special music lesson from Mr Shephard here: Please continue to do maths seeds and reading eggs. This week we will be learning some tricky words and some more 3D shapes. 

Monday 1st February

Our lesson for our story 'The Lucky Duck' is here: This is where you will finish writing your story.

Throughout the week we will also be doing some lessons under the theme 'under the sea'. Today we will be learning about floating and sinking:

Tuesday 2nd February

Today you will create your own story focussing on a problem, just like in 'The Lucky Duck'.

Can you try and do an experiment to discover things that float and sink?

Wednesday 3rd February

We are starting a new story today called 'The three little pigs'

Today you can try and build a boat that will float:

Thursday 4th February

Today you will create a story map:

We are also going to learn about what we might see at the beach and what we might take to the beach:

Friday 5th February

In this next lesson for 'the three little pigs' you will begin to add actions to the story.

Today's lesson will look at what we might take to the beach:

Week 6

Please continue to do your reading eggs lessons every day. We will start practicing some of our maths lessons again as we need a little more practice with some of them. We have another fantastic lesson with Mr Shephard again which can be accessed here: Challenge for this week: How many books can you read together? Please use the links below as there are some very useful youtube videos that you can watch

Monday 8th February

All this week we will be doing our story 'the three little pigs' where you will start to create your own story and build more actions so that you know the story well. Our lesson today is here:

This week we will also start doing some fun music lessons every day. In todays lesson you will need a spoon and your favourite teddy or toy:

Tuesday 9th February

Our next story lesson is here: For todays music lesson you will need your spoon and two sticks from your garden:

Wednesday 10th February

Story lesson: For todays music lesson you will need some sticks and a toy or teddy:

Thursday 11th February

Story lesson 7: For todays music lesson you will need some sticks and a teddy:

Friday 12th February

Our 8th story lesson: For todays music lesson you will need you favourite toy or teddy

Week 7

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well at home and have had a lovely half term break. I hope we can all see each other soon. Please continue doing your reading eggs and maths seeds. I can see so many of you are trying really hard with this so thank you! We have another music lesson from Mr Shephard here: We will also be starting a new story this week called 'Mouse Deer and Tiger' where you will be learning the story, learning actions to the story, retelling the story and even creating your own story. In our home learning packs this week, we are learning about part whole models where you have a number and you can split it into two parts For example the number 10 could be split into 2 and 8, or 5 and 5 etc... Have a go using the sheet below called part whole number bonds to 10.

Monday 22nd February

Our new story lesson for today is here:


Tuesday 23rd February

Today you will start to map out the story:


Wednesday 24th February

You will be learning to step the story and learn how to describe the setting today:


Thursday 25th February

Today you will learn how to do a choral telling of the story:


Friday 26th February

Today you will be trying to tell the story independently:

Welcome to our new Reception classes!


In RE, the class teacher is Mrs Mackinnon with Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Munir. In RR, the class teacher is Miss Deboo with Miss McKenna and Mrs Brookes. We also have a HLTA called Mrs Browne and extra support from Mrs Mirea and Miss Hadley. We will soon have Miss Jamil with us too.