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Week One (week beginning 04/01/2021)

Before you begin your online learning journey, I’d like to thank all parents for your continued support at this time. Also, to all the children in Year 4, well done for taking part and doing a super job at completing your home learning.


The resources listed below will include daily English and Maths lessons that will each take roughly an hour each to complete. They will cover new skills that the children would be learning if they were in school. There will also be science and curriculum lessons, but these may not need to be done daily. More information can be found about these lessons below.


Each lesson has a video that teaches a skill. It can be played back more than once or paused as needed.


In addition to the Oak Academy resources for these lessons, your child will continue to have access to I Am Learning (, TTRockstars (, Reading Eggs ( The log in details to these services were sent home earlier this year and are used fairly often in school.


Tasks on I Am Learning will be set daily at 9 AM.


You can also log in to 'Oxford Owl' for free access to over 100 free eBooks ( Login: REPYear4, password: onlinelearning).

Daily Lessons


Wednesday 6th January



This lesson will focus on identifying the main character of a text. The BFG is a wonderful book by Roald Dahl and is a pleasure to read. Enjoy listening along and pause when needed to answer the questions.




Our maths topic for this half term is multiplication and division. Today’s lesson will focus on the 3 times table.




To start our term, we will be focussing on Earth’s biomes.


Thursday 7th January



In this lesson, we will be looking at writing in the past and present tense. This will be really helpful when writing a story. Make sure to practise this skill after the lesson by writing a short story in the past or present tense.




In Maths today we will be moving on to the 4 times table. We started to practise this in class so I expect you to recall them quickly. Make sure you pay attention to the vocabulary used in the lesson.




In computing today, we are going to be looking at video editing. This will be an introduction to how videos and CGI (computer-generated imagery) have been used to make films. Very exciting!


Friday 8th January



Our last lesson of the week will focus on simple sentences. We will recap what a verb is and talk about how a simple sentence is also a main clause that makes sense on its own.




This lesson will involve creating and using arrays in order to visualise multiplications and accurately answer questions




In today’s lesson, you will understand what a community is, explore the different types of communities (place, interest, action and practice) and consider the benefits of being a part of one.


As this is a shorter lesson, I’d like you to spend 15-20 minutes after the lesson researching Judaism. Find out facts about their places of worship, holy book and festivals.


Spelling list for this week
1. Accident

2. Accidentally

3. Actual

4. Actually

5. Address

6. Although

7. Answer

8. Appear

9. Arrive

10. Believe


End of week one

Well done for completing the first week of online learning. Don’t forget to use the websites mentioned to practise what you have learned this week. You can find our next week of learning here on Monday morning by 09:00. See you next week. Stay safe!