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The Wider Curriculum



Post-War Britain

In the Autumn Term, our topic is 'Post-War Britain' and we focus on how life changed since the end of the Second World War. We particularly focus upon changes to housing, cultures and immigration. 


Ancient Civilisations: Indus Valley Study

In this topic, we explore the similarities between contemporary ancient civilisations before studying the Indus Valley at depth.  This civilisation occupied what is now India and Pakistan approximately 4000 years ago.




Destination America: A North American Study

Children learn about the countries that make up North America and then study the geography of the USA in detail.  We learn how land is used and the development of settlements over time.  We develop map reading skills and compare topographic maps with aerial images.


Design and Technology

Automata Toys (Mechanical Systems)

Children develop woodwork skills and implement their knowledge of mechanicanical systems to make a working 'automata toy' to be used in a shop window display.


Come Dine With Me (Food)

Children will design a menu and prepare a three-course meal. In addition to cooking and developing their knowledge about nutrition, children will learn about the source of their ingredients.



Making My Voice Heard

Children explore art that has a message, such as: graffiti, portraiture and sculpture.  They study the works of Kathe Kollwitz and Pablo Picasso.



Children learn about different aspects of photographic art and create their own images using photomontage, digital image editing and macro photography.



Film Music

Children learn how music contributes to emotion and atmosphere in film.   They analyse music used in film before creating their own compositions to represent different emotions.


Themes and Variations

With a focus on 'The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra', chidlren learn about orchestral music and how themes and variations are used.  They use body percussion to perform their own interpretation of the piece.


Composing a Leavers' Song

Children will apply all of their musical knowledge and skill to compose and then perform a 'leavers' song'.











Creative Outcomes