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Rood End Primary School

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PE Curriculum

At Rood End Primary School we believe that the Physical Development which we provide forms an essential foundation for the growth of the whole child through the teaching of PE and Dance. As well as academic learning, pupils will be provided with the opportunity to develop their personal and social skills by promoting character building, cooperation, teamwork and self-esteem. In addition to this, spiritual and cultural understanding will also be developed. Emphasis is also placed upon leading a healthy lifestyle. We value Physical Education and the sporting activities we as a school provide during lessons, school clubs, break times and lunch times.


We aim to achieve high quality P.E, therefore our aims for each child are to:


• Enjoy P.E. and school sport;

• Improve and achieve;

• Be healthy and active;

• Acquire skills;

• Make decisions;

• Show commitment;

• Have stamina, suppleness and strength;

• Know and understand;

• Have confidence;

• Participate in activities which are competitive, creative and provide challenge – regardless of ability.



Physical Education Curriculum for academic year 2020-2021


KS1    Autumn 1  Fundamental skills   (Co ordination)  

           Autumn 2  Gymnastics

           Spring 1   Fundamental Skills    (Balance)

           Spring 2   Dance 

           Summer 1 Fundamental Skills   (Agility)

           Summer 2 Athletics 



KS2    Autumn 1  Gymnastics

           Autumn 2 Fitness Circuits

           Spring 1   Basketball   

           Spring 2   Football

           Summer 1 Athletics   

           Summer 2 Rounders


We look forward to a fun and successful year!


Mr Brown & Mr Bradley

(PE Department)