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Rood End Primary School

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Key skills and topics being covered:


- Place value up to ten million and decimals up to 3 decimal places

- Addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals

- Multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals

- Fractions, decimals and percentages

- Calculations involving negative numbers

- Time (telling the time, time problems, interpreting timetables, time durations)

- Recognising Roman Numerals

- Angles (measuring and calculating angles within shapes)

- Area and perimeter of simple and compound shapes.

- Volume of cuboids

- Co-ordinates in all four quadrants

- Ratio and proportion problems and using scale

- Properties of 2D shapes including parallel and perpendicular lines

-Interpreting and creating pie charts

-Identifying the parts of a circle

-Converting units of measure - both metric and imperial 


Activities linked to all of these topics are available on I Am Learning.


I Am Learning