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Activity 1 - write a letter to Duncan as a new crayon.

Do you have a favourite crayon that wasn't in the book? Write a letter to Duncan explaining why your favourite colour might have quit!


Here is a letter about my favourite crayon that you can use for an example:


Dear Duncan,

Rainbow crayon here. Patiently, I've been sat under your baby brother's bed for the last 2 months. Do you even plan on looking for me? 


He borrowed me for playtime ages ago! He grabbed me with his vice grip, scribbled all over his walls (that should be a clue to you as to where I am!), took a BITE out of my head, decided that I tasted "ewwwwy" and threw me under here.


I should be the prize of your pencil case, coveted by all your friends! Instead I'm just sat here in the dark. You can barely even see my rainbow colours under here! What a waste...


Please send help.


Yours, if you want me,

Rainbow crayon.